The trend of RFID in Nigeria

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been gaining momentum over the years, from the United States to Europe to Asia, India and Africa. The technology has many things to offer. Amongst the numerous things that RFID technology can offer are:-
  1. RFID microchips can be embedded into expensive musical instruments like guitars, and the chip IDs will be used by the law enforcement agencies to track them when stolen.
  2. RFID tags can be used in car rental services to recognize the return of the vehicles. It can be used to complement GPS in many fleet management applications.
  3. RFID technology can be used in health care field to monitor shophisticated equipment, manage medications, optimize traffic flow, e.t.c. For example, you can get the nurses to wash their hands by letting them put on an RFID wristband and RFID readers are positioned by the faucets. This system is reliable and unobtrusive.
  4. Retailers can use RFID to scan dressing items to enable shoppers access product data, find similar alternatives, and provide feedback. This can increase the customer's chances of finding what they are looking for, view product reviews from other customers and also gain access to a reliable anti-theft technology.
  5. RFID can be used as an access control solution. The control systems can be integrated into the tickets(credit-card style) of amusement parks. This system reduces wait times and lowers staffing costs. Moreover, the RFID-enabled tickets can provide the operators of the park with valuable information for tracking the movement of thrill-seekers throughout the playground.
  6. Have you thought of providing robbery-proof chips for your CASINO? RFID chips can be embedded inside the poker to prevent loss. It will be possible to monitor how much time a player spends and where he spends it and that information can be used to keep him longer in the game with well timed drinks and services. A casino can know what you are up to!
  7. RFID golf balls helps you find them and not worry about losing golf balls again.
  8. RFID-enabled gun safety products could be the answer to the America's gun control debate. RFID tags can be used in weapons and ammunition.

But, what is the trend of RFID in Nigeria and Africa as a continent? This is an all important question with many answers.


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