Odinani Cultural Radio


Odinani Igbo, the body of ancient wisdom bringing to light and understanding the structure of our world and how we can live in harmony with its ever changing but consistent energies.
Odinani Igbo offers the people a scientific worldview of our world to guide and protect the people against many lies and deception that is inherent with human feelings and thinking.

In this Holy School Of Ancient Wisdom, members are giving a compass and light to chart their ways around this world of darkness caused by ignorance of our environment, and a divine ruler to measure out your ways to swim through the complex dangerous energies around man, to have peace and happiness.

Odinani Igbo is an Ancient key to unlock the science and knowledge of uniting morality, society, politics, science and technology to agree with natural order, in whose womb we all live, that at the end of our lives here on earth that we will be certified by nature as worthy of joining the ascended holy ones.

The main pillar of Odinani Igbo is Nature and Prove, as a divine science, anything that is not found in nature, common sense and science is not acceptable.




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