ALX Radio Show iOS App

Listen to Alex Jones' InfoWars live broadcasts and radio show. Alex Jones is the owner of Prison Planet and InfoWars. He holds regular Radio shows and podcasts. His radio shows are a great source of alternative news where you can hear the truth and not FAKE NEWS. It is an independent news source that serves millions of listeners across the globe especially in the United States. InfoWars handles the Donald Trump news very well and transparently with facts and figures. What the main stream media would not tell you, you will hear it on Alex Jones InfoWars Live Radio Shows. Alex fights against the globalists.

This App helps enables you to watch the Alex Jones Radio Show live from your smart phone and tablet. Be sure to get the latest breaking news headline that are not cherry-picked as the main stream media does on daily basis. Think about the Donald Trump's fight with the main stream media who feed the public with a lot of false information. InfoWars debunks a lot of those lies.

Our App loads very fast and it is lightweight. It will not take up a lot of space on your phone.

Please note that we do need the ‘record audio’ permission in order to show audio visualisations. While we don’t actually record audio, the Android APIs that provide visualisations require this permission to capture the output from the media player.

This App features all aspects of Alex Jones' InfoWars Show that you will ever need. We included the following:

1. Live Video Stream of InfoWars Show
2. Live Radio (AUDIO) of the Show (Listen while on the move)
3. Latest InfoWars Twitter Tweets
4. InfoWars Facebook updates
5. InfoWars YouTube Channel Feeds
6. Breaking news update from InfoWars
7. News from Prison Planet
8. Buy from InfoWars Online Webshop
9. InfoWars Community Topics
10. All Categories of news including HOT news
11. Drudge Report
12. EXTRA: additional radio streams from InfoWars should the main stream fail.

Follow up on the news as they break.

Join us today, let us fight together to save humanity!


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