Block EMF and Create Your Personal Healthful Sleep Sanctuary

You can block electromagnetic field(EMF) from your sleeping bed, and sleep like you are in the middle of the forest. This ebook/materials helps you.

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This is a great ebook for expert protection from wireless pollution (Emf, Wifi, Cellphone, Radiation), during your most vulnerable time - Sleep!

It includes how-to videos and easy Emf-blocking bed frame canopy plans. In high demand for health, self-help, green living.

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Our bed canopy is designed specifically to completely block EMF while we sleep, gives us several hours of much needed - in fact critically required -- EMF-free cell function in order to mitigate the EMF onslaught of the day. Good sleep is vital to our health. At night our bodies and our brains have the huge task of repair, regeneration and rejuvenation. Every “now I lay me down to sleep” begins a series of important cascading hormonal events that enable the body and brain to do these functions. Each cell has its specific job to do in a vast orchestration made up of precise electrical and chemical functions. Without good sleep, and sufficient sleep time, this cannot occur.



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