Kids Fun Brain Game

This App is one of the best brain games to help your kids memory and it is also fun to play. It improves their memory. For every level, the player is required to tap the square buttons to expose the image, the he/she has to memorize what he/she saw in order to match it by revealing the identical image. Keep matching similar objects and boxes will keep disappearing for successful matches. You get a big and encouraging applause for every completions. Monitor the number of steps taken for the kid to complete each level and notice some improvement as that number decreases.

- Memory game is very easy to play for little kids
- With colourful objects, it attract kids very quickly
- Memory game will quickly trained your kid’s memory
- Its designed and structured according to kid’s mentality
- You can develop your kid’s concentration through this game
- It helps Kids to recognize different food objects
- It helps Kids to recognize different animal objects
- It helps Kids to recognize different Birds, Fishes.
- It helps Kids to recognize different Transport means.
- It helps Kids to recognize different kindness objects.
- It helps Kids to recognize different kind of shapes

This the best game to exercise your memory. It is perfect for children and adults. The game contains different sizes (4x4, 4x5, 4x6, 5x6 and 6x6) and three difficulty levels (easy, normal and hard mode).

Players are required to complete a level in minimum finger taps to match all objects. Memory game has several interesting game levels and categories. Some of the features in this version are:

- Vibrant and colorful recognizable graphics or objects
- Great user interface.
- New Style menu options.
- 6 Levels and 13 Categories
- Nice settings with Sound, Vibration and Random Category for your selection.
- This App may contain Ads to keep it free, but you can remove the Ads by paying less than 2 USD.

Have fun to play and make sure you remember! Rate the App 5 Stars!

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