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Nigeria news gossip and entertainment at its best. Every good news spreads from rumor. At first, you may think it is just a rumor but after a while, it turns out to be an authentic true news. This App has a lot of gossips regarding celebrities, music, video, pictures and other materials that make it more interesting. Get the latest gist and news updates from Nigeria. Rumor Mill News App covers it all. The first thing to do in the morning would be to open up this App and read the Latest Nigeria news or watch the latest viral video. So, if you are looking for all Naija news gossip, you are in the right place. You have not heard anything yet if you do not have this Naija news app. It is lightweight and very fast.

This Naija news app does not only include gossips about Nigerian movies, music, games e.t.c. but it also has football live news updates like UCL scores, FA Cup scores, EPL scores because Nigerians do love sports a lot. In the news feed of this Naija news app, you will find sources from:


  • Sahara Reporters

  • Gistreel Nigeria

  • AY and BasketMouth Comedy


  • Emmanuela: Mark Angel Comedy

  • Nigerian Politics

  • Celebrities gossip

  • Gossip Mill Nigeria

  • Sports News with latest updates for FA Cups Scores, UCL Scores, and EPL Scores

  • Music Videos

  • Current affairs in Nigeria

  • International News

  • Eye Witness accounts

  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram news feeds

  • Chelsea fc rumour mill

On monthly basis, we feature a single popular rumor or entertainment source on our App's home screen. Contact us to get featured.

More news sources from Nigeria will be added from time to time. Help spread the word about this great Naija news App for all Nigeria news.

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